Genetic testing

We offer genetic testing and counseling to patients with a family or personal history of colon polyps and cancers.

Testing is recommended to patients who have two or more relatives with a Lynch syndrome cancer (colorectal, uterine, ovarian, stomach, urinary, pancreatic, brain among others), or if a relative already has tested positive for the Lynch syndrome mutation.

Polyposis syndromes are tested for in patients that have had more than 10 colorectal polyps removed in their lifetime.

The tests take the form of a simple "spit/saliva" test that uses the DNA from the cells inside the mouth. This is a convenient and painless way to obtain genetic material.

We work closely with your insurance company to make sure that the tests are pre -approved, making your portion of the cost of the test as low as possible.

Marcus M. Aquino, MD Marcus M. Aquino, MD Surgeon

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