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Aquanaut EC-2000
Our Colonic Hydrotherapy Equipment

ColoProctology Associates, PA  uses the world-acclaimed Aquanet EC-2000™ unit from Prime Pacific Health Corporation.
After extensive research, the Aquanet EC-2000™ top of the line professional colon hydrotherapy unit from Prime Pacific Health Corporation has been chosen to be used in our Colon/Rectal office.

Only the highest quality materials and components are used in the manufacturing process and meet strict international standards. Leading health professionals around the world have chosen the Aquanet EC-2000™ for their practice, and here’s why:
    Dual Operation Mode
        Gravity and pressure treatments in one unit
    Uses Applied Pressure Sensing Technology (APST™)
        APST™ is a newly invented treatment system for Colon hydrotherapy. It senses the applied pressure as it builds in the colon and automatically reduces the flow of water as pressure in the colon increases. This provides for gentler and longer colon fill cycles. With the use of APST™ the most comfortable, safe and effective treatments are now possible. The Aquanet EC-2000™ colon hydrotherapy automatically delivers safe water pressure to the colon all of the time.    
    Automatic Temperature Control
    Precision Flow-Control with Flow-Meter

   3 Stage Treatment-Water Purification System
        Double Filtration (Sediment & Carbon) plus Ultraviolet Sterilization.  
    Fully Integrated Disinfecting System
        The most advanced double safety components of any colon hydrotherapy machine on the market, assures medical grade complete unit disinfection between sessions.  The machine is tested to assure high level disinfection after each session.

The Aquanet EC-2000 has been tested and evaluated to the following healthcare standards:
CSA (Canadian Standards Association)
CAN/CSA C22.2 No 601.1-M90 - Safety of Healthcare Electrical Equipment, Part I,
CSA 601.1 Supplement 1: 1994 - General Requirements for Safety
CSA 601.1 Amendment 2: 1998
UL (Underwriters Laboratory, USA)
UL Std No 2601-1 (2nd Edition) - Safety of Healthcare Electrical Equipment, Part I: General Requirements for Safety
EC (European Code)
IEC Publication 601-1 (1988) - Safety of Healthcare Electrical Equipment, Part I:
IEC 601-1 Amendment 1: 1991 General Requirements for Safety
IEC 601-1 Amendment 2: 1995
FDA Registration # 876.5220

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Marcus M. Aquino, MD Marcus M. Aquino, MD Surgeon

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