HypnoTherapy for IBS?

IBS is a poorly understood condition that affects millions of Americans, women often more than men.

Once more serious reasons for a person having IBS symptoms are ruled out by your colon rectal surgeon or gastroenterologist, we resort to drug treatment, which is often not effective in significantly relieving symptoms. These meds are expensive and have side effects that limit their wide acceptance by patients.

HypnoTherapy is a new technique that is proving to be surprisingly effective in the management of IBS. It is usually accomplished in 5-7 sessions and has no side effects.  Good studies are reporting better than 75% significant improvement that lasts years. Patients usually return to me very pleased with their progress.

Contact our office for a referral to a qualified specialist in HypnoTherapy, for proven IBS that is poorly responding to prescription medications.

Marcus M. Aquino, MD Marcus M. Aquino, MD Surgeon

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