Humor: Santa gets his scope

Twas the night before his test
and all he wanted was rest.
But Santa was prepping
to the bathroom he was stepping!
He was doing what was right
on this late December night.
With an enormous amount of joy and wealth
Santa was finally taking care of his health.
The night was long and his rectum was sore,
when he didn't think he could go again there was more.
The MagCitrate had worked it's charm
despite his hesitance, it did him no harm.
Off to 2110 he flew in his sleigh
feeling empty and hungry all along the way.
He bypassed admissions and went straight to the OR
where the nurses welcomed him at the door.
Dr. Aquino was waiting with a smile on his face,
and Santa was admitted to pre-op with haste.
He took off his clothes and got into bed,
he did all the things that the nurses said.
The IV was started,
instructions imparted,
Dr. Aquino took a glance
and the scope was advanced.
The medicines was given....soon Santa was asleep,
Dr. Aquino and nurses never heard him peep.
As the scope moved around
Santa heard narry a sound.
He just dreamed of toys,
for all the good girls and boys!
His bowels were clean and the procedure went well,
Santa was soon in recovery as near as he could tell.
With a fart fart here and a toot toot there
as nurses was saying "keep passing that air!"
As Dr. Aquino was approaching, Santa searched his face
"No polyps and no problems, not even a trace".
And with a smile on his face
Santa was out of that place.
He was soon in his sleigh with Mrs. Klaus and the deer.
Wishing all
"A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

Marcus M. Aquino, MD Marcus M. Aquino, MD Surgeon

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