What about Colonics?

What about Colonics?
Colonics or Colonic Hydrotherapy is a technique of washing out the colon with special, high tech enemas.  The concept has been around for 2,000-3,000 years and has much merit when used for selected conditions.

I perform many colonoscopies each week and from time to time have had patients tell me that the prep from the colonoscopies was unpleasant (taste, amount and frequent urge to purge), but left them with a sense of “wellness” after all the testing was over.  I was at first not sure if they were just relieved to hear me tell them that I found no disease during their scope.  However, I have also had a few be more specific and declare that their allergies cleared up for a few months after the procedure.  
One of my colleagues, a respected pulmonologist (lung doctor),  accosted me during rounds and asked me when I had started practicing his specialty.  I was at first puzzled and then he broke into a smile and recounted what a patient that he had referred to me for colonoscopy had told him about his allergies/asthma clearing up for a good while after the procedure.  I had to deduce that a good reason for this was that the prep had washed out stuff that had something to do with the patient’s allergies, something he was allergic to or a toxin that contributed to the process.

Recently, respected gastroenterologists have found that colonic hydrotherapy results in a surprisingly clean prep for colonoscopy, allowing them to do an excellent job of detecting polyps.  The advantage of this form of prep is that it is comfortable, takes only about 45 minutes and can be done right before the colonoscopy, completely eliminating the need for the large volume oral prep the day prior to the procedure.

I have therefore decided to add Colonic Hydrotherapy to the list of services offered by my practice.  We have purchased state of the art equipment and the therapy will be administered by my nurses under my supervision in the comfort and safety of a specialty office that is dedicated to the treatment of colon and rectal problems.  We have always maintained high standards of hygiene, sterilization and asepsis consistent with an office certified for the performance of outpatient surgery.  In addition, the office has been specially designed around Feng Shui principles, giving it a comforting spa like feel.

Other than prepping for Colonoscopies,  I will offer Colonic Hydrotherapy for the treatment of Chronic Constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS-C).  Each new patient will be given a thorough initial clinical examination to ensure safe and appropriate treatment is delivered.

We will also offer colonics to patients that are incontinent of stool.  A regular and complete wash will keep the colon and rectum empty and result in minimal or no leakage with obvious improvement in quality of life.  We will proceed to train selected patients in administering their own colonics at home using cost effective semi-professional equipment.

Colostomy patients can benefit greatly from colonics as their colons could be kept empty, elliminating the need for colostomy bags.

We charge $100 for a colonic hydrotherapy session.

I pride myself on taking a holistic approach to medicine, but will not compromise my standards by using this treatment for conditions I am not convinced that have any clinical benefit or logical justification.

Marcus M. Aquino, MD Marcus M. Aquino, MD Surgeon

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