Hernia Surgery


Instructions for before Hernia Surgery:

Nothing to eat or drink after midnight the day before surgery. If you do so your surgery will be cancelled by the anesthesiologist. You may take your regular medications with a sip of water early in the morning.

You may brush your teeth and gargle the morning of the surgery. Shower with an antibacterial soap (Hibiclens) the morning of the surgery. Do not take any aspirin or blood thinning drugs for 1 week prior to surgery.

Report to the surgery facility at which you have been scheduled about 1 hour prior to the time of your surgery. Confirm this with the day surgery clerk the day before your surgery. Void urine just before your surgery.

Bring a friend or relation with you to drive you home after the procedure.


Instructions for after Hernia Surgery:

I recommend you take it easy for the next few days. Light activity is not only permitted but encouraged as it helps to strengthen the repair. Do not lift more than 30 lbs. for about 6 weeks after the surgery.

A low grade fever (less than 100 degrees F) is normal for the first day or two after the surgery. Call me if it is associated with chills or persists for more than 2 days.

I usually use a gauze-less plastic film wound dressing. You may shower and pat/blow dry the surgery area after you get home. For the first 24 hours, apply cold packs to the incision area every few hours to reduce swelling. Thereafter, apply a warm pack to the incision area 3-4 times a day.

There may be hardness, sensitivity or a sensation of a rope beneath the incision plus swelling and bruise marks about the genitals. This will disappear in a few weeks.

Take an Norco every 6 hours as needed to control pain. Do not drive or operate machinery while taking Norco as it may affect your reflexes and judgment as alcohol would.

Do not take aspirin or blood thinning drugs for 7 days after the surgery unless otherwise instructed. You may need to take a laxative such as dulcolax (1-2 pills) if you develop constipation.

Call my office to schedule an appointment for 2 weeks after the surgery.


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