Anal Cancer


What is Anal Cancer?

Anal Cancer is a cancer that involved the skin just inside and surrounding the anus.   It is dangerous because it is easily ignored as “hemorrhoids” and will grow and spread in time.  This cancer can be lethal.  

Anal Cancer is caused by a virus, the HPV which is spread by sexual contact.  This is why people that have anal sex are more prone to it. HPV also causes cervical cancer, which is why women are advised to get regular cervical PAP smears.

In the US,  Anal Cancer has affected about 68,000 and killed about 12,000 between 2001 and 2015.

Can Anal Cancer be prevented?

Yes.  Girls AND boys should be vaccinated against  HPV as soon as they enter puberty or before they become sexually active.

Pre-cancerous lumps can be removed and if biopsy shows the changes and evidence of HPV, you will need annual examinations and PAP smears of the anus.

Is Anal Cancer becoming more of a problem?

Yes.  The diagnosis and deaths from anal cancer has more than doubled for adults aged 60-69, increasing by about 3% per year.

Hopefully, widespread use of the HPV vaccination will change this in the years to come.

 How is Anal Cancer diagnosed?

Your doctor will take a thorough history and will examine your bottom with a scope and take a biopsy if there is anything suspicious.

How is Anal Cancer treated?

Once the cancer is diagnosed, the response to treatment is surprisingly effective.  A combination of chemotherapy and radiation will be used. In unresponsive cases, surgery will be necessary.  

Actress Farrah Fawcett (Majors) developed Anal Cancer and eventually died from it at age 62.  RIP.

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