Colon/Rectal Cancer


Colon/Rectal Cancer

Colon (and Rectal) Cancer is the #2 killer cancer in the United States.  We have about 200,000 cases a year. 1 in 22 of us will develop Colon/Rectal Cancer is our lifetime.

What is Colon/Rectal Cancer?

This is a malignant tumor that begins in the lining of the colon and rectum, usually as a small benign polyp that grows, eventually changing into a cancer that then invades nearby organs and spreads by the blood stream and lymphatics to distant sites.

Should I be checked for Colon/Rectal Cancer?

The quick answer is YES....

  • If you are over 45 
  • Have a family member that had Colon/Rectal Cancer
  • Have noticed blood mixed with your stool
  • Have noticed your stool changing in size, shape, consistency or frequency.
  • Unexplained bloating, weight loss or anemia.

How will my doctor check me for Colon/Rectal Cancer?

Your doctor will start with listening to your complaints, ask a few relevant questions about your family history and will then do a thorough physical examination.  This will include a rectal examination and a test for blood in your stool. If necessary a colonoscopy will be recommended.

Are there other tests for Colon/Rectal Cancer?

Yes, but the colonoscopy is the gold standard and should be the index test.

Other alternatives are:

  • Colo Guard
  • Air Contrast Barium Enema
  • CT Colonography

How is Colon/Rectal Cancer treated, once found?

Usually you will be scheduled for a surgery to remove the involved segment of colon and adjacent lymph nodes.  Often this can be done laparoscopically, with the assistance of a robot, resulting in precise resection, shorter and less painful hospital stay with quicker return to normal activities.  In the case of rectal cancer, you may need a course of pre operative radiation/chemotherapy.

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