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Dr. Aquino belongs to the category of doctors called Gentlemen Doctors. Those of you who are old enough to remember the TV show called Marcus Welby MD, starring Robert Young, will understand exactly how I am describing Dr. "Marcus" Aquino. He is kind, caring, respectful, culturally aware, funny, yet gently stern enough to communicate his message across to the patient. His years of experience and wisdom are quite apparent in his approach to diagnosis, course of treatment, and follow-up care. He makes time to speak not only with the patient, but also with family members, whether in a hospital room or in his clinic. All of our concerns and questions were addressed and clearly answered. Dr. Aquino always took his time and never made us feel like he was in a rush to see his next patient. His staff is also warm and inviting. The "Ladies" always greeted us with a smile, acknowledged and addressed my mom by name as soon as she walked through the door. They checked us in quickly and brought us back to the consultation room as soon as possible. Dr. Aquino and his staff are God sent. Watch any episode of Marcus Welby MD and you will understand how "any patient" should be treated under the care of a doctor with healing hands as compared to today's world of insurance dictated protocols and procedures regulated by time constraints.

Millie C-M.


My name is Marjorie and I was referred to Dr Aquino by another Dr. of whom I have been a patient for 25 years. The consultation in his office was very thorough including details about my blood pressure and allergy issues. The robotics procedure was explained in detail. The surgery took four hours and then there were two nights in the hospital before I was released. The surgery was finished by 1:00 p.m. on Friday. and Dr Aquino visited me on Saturday morning and on Sunday morning before I was released. Both visits in my room were casual but professional and he showed no signs of being rushed or in a hurry. All questions were answered in detail. I just finished my second post-op visit to Dr Aquino's office and everything is completely normal. I would rate Dr. Aquino's staff at his office among the best I have seen in my 78 years and they have been very friendly and professional during my total of three visits to his office.



My son's 19th Birthday shopping spree and a week before Christmas I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Aquino. I was admitted to a local hospital and a young doctor decided to go against his training and run a CT scan ruling out appendicitis for abdominal pain even though I had declined pain medication. Most people would been on a morphine drip. The CT scan stated clearly that a case of acute appendicitis was present. Dr. Aquino was summoned and appeared in the morning. He arrived with the sound of his Cowboy boots and one piece coveralls ready to take care of me. He reminded me of my dad ready for work. He explained what was going with my appendix that was causing my pain. He answered all my questions and was thorough in explanation. He completed the surgery and met with the love of my life and explained the surgery and what he had found. It was much more serious than we thought as gangrene had set in my appendix. Much care was taken and it was removed without infecting any other areas. Pictures were provided and an explanation of the recovery process was given while I was coming out of anesthesia. He again met with me dressed as before with the addition of the Scrub cap of the Texas Flag. He explained again to me in the presence of my Cowboy what was found and what to expect in recovery. The follow up visit to his office fit right in with his persona of complete country opposed to urban hype. Dr. Aquino is all about the business of healing, investigating each case and solving the problem of each patient. A person in need will never be denied. Don't forget to review his website and you will see down to earth professional people. See you next month Doc. Merry Christmas!!

Nora M.


Let me start by saying that colo-rectal problems do not discriminate age, I would have never imagined having issues so young. Secondly, as uncomfortable as the topic may be, do not delay! Your health is priority, and I wish I would have gone sooner, secretly suffering for 4 months. Dr. Aquino is extremely educated, I was very impressed. He answered all my questions and concerns. He got me in and taken care of right away, as I was only 2 weeks away from a planned vacation, thanks to Dr. Aquino, I made it! Lastly, his staff was amazing and extremely friendly, making me feel at home! I would definitely recommend Dr. Aquino, you will not be disappointed!


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