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Diverticulitis is a painful condition that occurs when your colon develops an infection. Because diverticulitis requires medical and sometimes surgical care, board-certified surgeon Marcus Aquino, MD, FACS, FASCRS, provides expert diagnostic testing and treatments at ColoProctology Associates & nasaHernia in Seabrook, Texas. If you’re struggling with diverticulitis, book an evaluation online today. You can also call to schedule an appointment over the phone.


What is Diverticulitis?

As a lot of us grow older, we develop little pouches on the colon. These usually cause no problem, but can sometime get blocked up with old fecal matter and become infected, causing pain, usually in the left lower area of the abdomen, and fever/chills.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, come into ColoProctology Associates & nasaHernia for an evaluation. Dr. Aquino can gather any necessary imaging, like an abdominal ultrasound or CT scan, to confirm that you have a diverticulitis and determine which treatment you may need.

How is Diverticulitis treated?

Most of the time, Dr. Aquino will put you on a clear liquid diet for a few days and prescribe antibiotics. The condition will usually resolve and further testing can then be done. You will be advised to stay away from seeds, nuts and popcorn as these tend to irritate the diverticula you have.

Occasionally, he may have to admit you to a hospital for IV antibiotics and bowel rest. On rare occasions, when the condition does not resolve or returns often, he will advise surgery to remove the infected portion of the colon. This is usually done laparoscopically with the assistance of a robot, so you recover quickly.

Are there serious consequences to Diverticulitis?

Yes. If allowed to progress, Diverticulitis can go on to perforation and peritonitis. This will require a trip to the emergency room and urgent surgery, frequently needing a colostomy after the infected colon is removed. In most cases, the colostomy is temporary and can be closed in 3-6 months.

With the help of board certified surgeon, Marcus Aquino, MD, FACS, FASCRS, you can undergo effective correction of this problem at ColoProctology Associates & nasaHernia in Seabrook Texas.

ColoProctology Associates & nasaHernia provides comprehensive care for Diverticulitis regardless of whether your symptoms are minor or severe. Use the online booking tool or call the office to book your evaluation today.