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Rectal Prolapse

Rectal prolapse

If you notice your rectum dropping out of you, you are probably dealing with rectal prolapse. With the help of a board-certified surgeon, Marcus Aquino, MD, FACS, FASCRS, you can undergo effective correction of this problem at ColoProctology Associates & nasaHernia in Seabrook Texas. Book your exam for rectal prolapse through the website or call the office to schedule over the phone today.

Why do I have Rectal Prolapse?

As we get older, ligaments that hold up the rectum stretch out and the rectum will start dropping, eventually falling out through the anus. Thus rectal prolapse is usually associated with:

  • Older age
  • Women, especially with a history of multiple, difficult childbirths
  • Chronic straining (constipation frequent diarrhea, coughing, etc.)
  • Pelvic nerve damage
  • Neuropathy from Diabetes.

When should I see a doctor for Rectal Prolapse?

If you notice your rectum dropping out, you should probably make an appointment to be seen as soon as possible as the condition can progress rapidly to the point where you cannot push it back. This is a condition called incarceration and can have serious consequences, requiring emergency surgery.

Dr. Aquino at ColoProctology Associates & nasaHernia will complete a workup and recommend the appropriate treatment.

How is Rectal Prolapse treated?

Most of the time, depending on the extent of the prolapse, Dr. Aquino will recommend a surgery where the rectum is reattached (suspended) to the tough tissue just in front of the spine. This procedure is called a Rectopexy. This is usually done using a robotically assisted laparoscopic technique with about 3 little incisions in the abdomen. An overnight stay in the hospital is often indicated. In patients that have significant underlying medical problems, Dr. Aquino may opt to remove the prolapse from “below”, much like an extended hemorrhoidectomy. This is also known as the Altemeier's procedure.

ColoProctology Associates & nasaHernia provides comprehensive care for Rectal Prolapse regardless of whether your symptoms are minor or severe. Use the online booking tool or call the office to book your evaluation today.